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Do These Problems Sound Familiar... ?

❌ Lack of ideas to prepare your sessions

❌ Fear that your practices will become repetitive and boring

❌  No time to create new drills

❌  Several hours spent online looking for drills

❌ Always the same type of exercises on the Internet

❌ No more imagination to create new games


Let Me Reassure You, You Are Not Alone!

As a committed and conscientious coach, you refuse to take the easy way out.
You don't want to repeat the same exercises and games over and over again.


You want to avoid :

Players with low motivation during practices

Players who are not progressing

Ongoing technical and tactical deficiencies

A stagnant level of play


You may be highly motivated and professional in your role as a coach, but you do not find
the appropriate training materials to support your players.

Fortunately, Coachifoot Is Here To Help You!

Discover New Exercises And Games That Will Make Your

Practice Sessions More Appealing And Efficient !

✅ All age groups


✅ All levels


✅ Beginner coaches


✅ Experienced coaches

Whatever the age category and level, from beginners to adults, amateurs to professionals, all coaches must plan their training sessions.

These sessions are made up of exercises, games and in-game situations that will allow your players to improve technically, tactically, physically and mentally.


While it is crucial to provide quality sessions, it is not always easy to find or create workouts that are appropriate and varied enough to inspire your team to improve.

Testimonials From Coaches Using COACHIFOOT PRO

Steve G.

Coach U13

"For young players, I find that exercises like the ones in your eBooks can help them work on various topics in a different way, more fun and more motivating. Right now for example, I am using a lot the possession of the ball games to teach my players how to get open in a match. It's very comprehensive and there are plenty of variations to make sure you don't always do the same thing."

Rick M.

Youth academy Coach and U18 Coach

"I'm really happy that I found about Coachifoot. I've been training for a little while now but us coaches always need to reinvent ourselves. EBooks serve me just as well with my kids from soccer school as with my U18 boys. A lot of topics are covered, it's really complete. It gives me a lot of ideas. I take some exercises as they are and others I adjust them to meet what my players need. I highly recommend Coachifoot to all coaches!"

Paul V.

Coach U15

"Great! Lots of exercises that I didn't know yet! It's a real gold mine in which I draw every week to create my training sessions. Coachifoot has responded beyond my expectations: I don't know how I used to do without it! I save time preparing for my sessions and I am sure I always find great exercise ideas."

Why Do So Many Coaches Trust Coachifoot ?

✅ Motivating

Players will enjoy their training throughout the season.


✅ Many useful tips

Coachifoot is a valuable help during the sessions thanks to all the tips provided in the ebooks.


✅ Precise

Game principles to be followed, tips and corrections to ensure rapid individual and collective technical and tactical progress.


✅ Performance

Coachifoot will help your team be better prepared and increase your chances of winning and performing well during the games.

Included In COACHIFOOT PRO ...

With instant and unlimited access!

 13 eBooks With 630 Exercises 

As mentioned, these are eBooks and not paper books. We have chosen this format because it is more practical and easier to use on smartphones. The images are only used to illustrate the eBooks.

A Coachifoot eBook can be read on PC, tablette and smartphone.
Each eBook offers exercises and practice games for all age groups, from beginners to college and adult soccer.

These exercises are classified by theme and allow you to work on specific objectives over several sessions for your players to progress quickly.
Coachifoot is field-tested and offers realistic, adapted and effective exercises and games.

⚽ Specific work objectives

The equipment needed to do the exercise

⚽ The level of difficulty of the exercise

⚽ The minimum number of players required

​⚽ ​A clear and concise description of the exercise

⚽ The recommended duration

⚽ ​Illustrative diagrams

⚽ ​The instructions to be followed by the players

⚽ Many exercise variations

 + 630 Animated Exercises

Coachifoot wants to offer you the best training experience possible.
To do this, each exercise and game that you find in the eBooks is also available in an animated version!
It is not always easy to understand the patterns when the exercise becomes more complex. Animated drills solve this problem because you can visualize and follow the movements of the players and the ball.
What could be better than a short video to show you exactly how to set up and conduct an exercise?

Better understanding of games and exercises

Perfect to visualize the set-up and the progression

⚽ ​​Easy to remember and to reproduce on the pitch

⚽ ​Ideal to show players before / during the session

 + 200 Sessions In The Full Season Plans 

To support coaches throughout the year, Coachifoot offers annual training programs.
Indeed, for the development of young footballers, training sessions must be planned in advance. The objective is to be able to work on all the parameters essential to the complete development of footballers.
This feature is UNIQUE! You will find very few full programs like these.
Just follow the workout programs and you'll notice improvements in no time!

⚽ Full season training programs for U8/U9 - U10/U11 - U12/U13 - U14/U15

200 training sessions!

The training programs were created using the exercises from the Coachifoot eBooks

Easily adjust training programs to your team using other exercises and variations of your choice

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Coachifoot PRO..

 630 soccer drills and games with clear explanations and illustrative diagrams

Total of 13 eBooks (2 collections)

Hundreds of variations

Exercises for all age groups : U6 to Adults

Suitable content for beginners and experienced coaches

✅ Full Training Plans (full season) for U8/U9 - U10/U11 - U12/U13 - U14/U15

200 training sessions created with exercises of the 13 eBooks

Available on PC, tablet and smartphones


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