Best soccer exercises to create your training sessions.
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30 exercises with variations
+ 32 animated drills
All age groups - U6 to U18 + College soccer
By Cyril Vanlerberghe
  • Soccer coach specialized in creating new coaching tools for coaches.
  • More than 20 years of experience in football training in France, USA and Switzerland.
  • Wrote "Football - 360 exercises and games for all - U6 to Adults". Book available at Amphora Editions.
  • Developed Soccer-Trainer : soccer coaching software that allows you to create training plans.
Discover the French touch
  • France is the reigning world champion.
  • France is also known for the quality of its footballers' training.
  • Would you like to offer your players european first-class practice sessions?
  • CoachiFoot is made for you and will soon become essential!
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Realistic, adapted and effective exercises.
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