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Coachifoot PRO - ENG


Yes, I want Collection 3 as well for $19.90.   200 exercises + 200 videos including 50 exercises for goalkeepers!

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630 exercises and hundreds variations

630 animated drills

Full season training plans (200 sessions!)

All age groups

All levels

Accessible on PC, tablet and smartphone

"I'm really happy that I found about Coachifoot. I've been training for a little while now but us coaches always need to reinvent ourselves. EBooks serve me just as well with my kids from soccer school as with my U18 boys. A lot of topics are covered, it's really complete. It gives me a lot of ideas. I take some exercises as they are and others I adjust them to meet what my players need. I highly recommend Coachifoot to all coaches!"

Rick M.

Youth academy Coach and U18 Coach

"Great! Lots of exercises that I didn't know yet! It's a real gold mine in which I draw every week to create my training sessions. Coachifoot has responded beyond my expectations: I don't know how I used to do without it! I save time preparing for my sessions and I am sure I always find great exercise ideas."

Paul J.

Coach U15

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