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"Thank you! The exercises are well explained. The animated version is a real plus! It allows you to understand the course of the exercise."

Chris H.

Coach U13

"Great! Lots of exercises that I didn't know yet! It's a real gold mine from which I select drills every week to create my training sessions. Coachifoot has responded beyond my expectations: I don't know how I did without it before! "

Paul J.

Coach U15

"A wide variety of drills. It is a good source of inspiration for me. Indeed, I adapt the exercises proposed so that they meet the needs of my teams."

John F.

Coach U18

Founder of Coachifoot

With more than 20 years of experience as a football coach, I have had the chance to train in France, the United States and Switzerland, with all age groups.

I also created the Soccer-Trainer software which allows the creation of soccer training sessions and programs.

On the strength of these experiences and the many discussions with educators from all over the world, I now want to share my knowledge in order to help other enthusiast coaches, beginners as well as experienced ones.

This is why I created Coachifoot, a tool that will support coaches throughout the year by offering them adapted, realistic and effective content.

With Coachifoot, you will save precious time in the preparation of your sessions. You will be able to offer your players various exercises and games to keep them motivated and allow them to progress quickly.

Samuel Sandoz

Cyril Vanlerberghe - Founder of Coachifoot

Main features of Coachifoot


Coachifoot meets the needs of coaches:

  •  Convenient: quick navigation between exercises.
  • Accessible : access to content on your PC, smartphone and tablet.
  • Suitable : field-tested exercises.
  • Efficient: Coachifoot content allows your players to progress quickly.

Each exercise includes :

  • Theme : the exercises are classified by theme and work objectives.
  • Explanations : the course of the exercise is clearly explained.
  • Instructions: Coachifoot specifies the instructions to give to your players during the exercise.
  • Variations : many variants are available in order to best adapt each of the proposed exercises.

BONUS : each exercise is available in an animated version for a better understanding. Ideal to show your players before training!

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